Ad for Alabama Football Museum Reveals Downside to All Those Trophies

Where do you keep them?

Here in Alabama, our unshakable dominance over college football has become practically ridiculous. And while the clip below is supposed to be a farce, there's a certain amount of believability to it. The University of Alabama's Paul W. Bryant Museum created the video, "So Many Trophies, So Little Space," last year to celebrate the state's long legacy of pigskin prowess. But it's is even more true to life this week, as the Crimson Tide celebrate their third national football championship in four years—a streak broken only by in-state rival Auburn's 2010 title. That said, the best part of the spot refers to a different sport: basketball. In a cameo at the end, Alabama student Jack Blankenship shows off "The Face" that quickly made him a fan favorite and opponents' pet peeve at last season's games.