Ad agency launches zombie marketing unit

Baltimore’s MGH says it’s launched what may be the world’s first zombie marketing division within an ad agency. According to the blurb online: “The MGH Zombie Marketing Division is designed to connect brands to these strong, single-minded decision makers (aka, Zombies), as well as engage zombie enthusiasts and those developing products and services for the eventual zombie apocalypse. … This emerging market—one of the fastest-growing and slowest-moving in the world—is projected to comprise 80–90% of the population given a viral or curse outbreak.” It may seem like MGH is a few days late with an April Fools’ gag, but actually the tongue-in-cheek press release is meant to play up its work for a new client, Run for Your Lives—a 5K obstacle-course race and scavenger hunt “infested with zombies” that’s set to take place in October in Darlington, Md.