Ad Agency Creates a Cookbook You Can Actually Eat

Promo item for publisher bakes into lasagne

I can't believe I'd never seen an edible cookbook until German ad agency Kolle Rebbe made one. How do I miss these things? The agency made this specific edible cookbook for a publishing-company client as a promotional item (copies were sent to a number of the company's top business partners "as a customer loyalty measure and was intended to generate and draw attention to the publisher’s range of cookbooks"). It featured pages made with fresh pasta that could be cooked like a lasagna with some sauce and cheese, or as a Texas lasagna with some eggs and hot pork sausage. Pretty sure the latter recipe wasn't in the book, though. And speaking of, I recommend copying the recipes into a notebook or something before preheating the oven. The work won a gold Lion in the Design competition at Cannes last month. More images after the jump.