Actuality bites over at the former Court TV

Trutv "Not reality. Actuality." That’s the slogan of truTV, formerly Court TV, though it could serve as the tagline for any number of enterprises, from the ad industry to the Bush Administration to the four years I spent in college. This summer, TruTV will launch 30-second vignettes, called “Actual Ads,” that feature consumers touting sponsors’ brands. The network will also produce “Real Life Stories,” using clips from its shows, for brand promotions. The show Ocean Force focuses on lifeguard rescues, so Speedo and Sun Screen might get some play (as could jet-ski companies, to atone for causing most boating accidents in the first place). Still, why trash the iconic “Court TV” name. MTV doesn’t play much music these days, but they knew enough to keep their name. All Tru actually has to do to boost ratings is go back to calling itself Court TV. Sometimes, the Tru hurts.

—Posted by David Gianatasio