Activia tries to digest a consumer’s lawsuit

Anyone who’s seen Activia’s ads knows they’re bizarre. But do they also make false health claims? Dannon, say it isn’t so! Attorney Timothy Blood (cool lawyer name) tells Brandweek: “Deceptive advertising has enabled Dannon to sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ordinary yogurt at inflated prices to responsible, health conscious consumers.” Dannon says Activia and DanActive aid digestion and boost immunity, but a new lawsuit by a client of Blood’s maintains there’s no evidence to support such claims and asks Dannon to issue $300 million in refunds. Now that I can make a few bucks off it, I’m running out and buying cases of the stuff. The ads always were a bit loose in most respects—sort of appropriate, considering the supposed health benefits of the brand in question. A Los Angeles court will now decide if they were loose with the facts as well.

—Posted by David Gianatasio