Activia Shows That Inside Shakira’s Famous Stomach Are … More Shakiras!

Doing the world's most literal belly dance

Activia managed to drag Shakira out of wherever she's been hiding and put her in the brand's new "Dare to Feel Good" ad, which gives us an interesting and cartoonishly idealized peek into the pop singer's digestive tract.

No wonder she's so perky all the time. It looks like Fern Gully in there. And here I thought Shakira felt good because she's beautiful and rich.

In any case, Activia's ads bother me in the sense that I can't take adults seriously when they say the word "tummy" and aren't talking to or about a child. Considering where a well-regulated digestive system inevitably leads, I get why they'd want to soften the language a bit, but it still weirds me out.

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