Activia, once again, is downright irregular

Some time ago, I proclaimed a commercial for Dannon’s Activia to be perhaps the most off-kilter spot in recent memory. Well, I take it back. I recently returned to the Game Show Network, and there it was. Bam—the first ad I saw—a mind-bending 30-second masterpiece from Activia (not viewable online, unfortunately) in which a mother and daughter discuss digestive regularity. Among the irregular elements: a parrot that squawks at inappropriate times. I think it says, “Rrregular! Rrregular!” (The sound is muddled.) The bird looks menacing, like it can’t wait to peck someone’s eyes out. But its performance is actually a lot more naturalistic than the zombified actresses, who smile, preen and emote in bizarre fashion. And speaking of strange Activia ads, what on earth is going on here? Nice bathroom scene! I’ll say this for Activia’s ads: They stay with you. (I know—a bad joke for a bad spot. Damn you, Activia!)