Absolut Bus-Shelter Ad: One Piece of Paper, No Paints or Inks

Artist Simon Schubert plays with light and shadow

German artist Simon Schubert creates evocative, finely detailed images by folding paper to catch the intricate interplay of light and shadow. Sometimes, I fold paper into little triangular footballs and flick them around my cubicle. Who's to say which of us is the greater artistic genius? Schubert illustrates the theme of "purity" in dazzling fashion for Absolut and TBWABeing with this Paris bus-shelter ad, created without using paints or inks. The work uses one sheet of paper and shows the vodka brand's limited-edition multi-sided bottle reflected from every angle. It's subtle and suggestive, and makes an intriguing contrast with whiskey brand Jack Daniel's impressively overblown holiday barrel-tree installation in the U.S. Perhaps there's a correlation with the spirits themselves—the refined inebriation of vodka versus the big-ass bender of sour mash. Nah, both just get you hammered, which can precipitate bus-shelter adventures that are anything but pure. The making-of video is below. See the full ad, and more images, after the jump.