Abortion grief ads to return to NYC subways

With abortion rights under renewed debate thanks to the Senate healthcare bill, the timing is just right for the "Abortion changes you" ads to reappear on New York City subways (because not enough people are pissed off about this issue, apparently). First seen in 2008, the ads point to AbortionChangesYou.com, where people can share their stories of "reproductive grief after abortion." The site provides a space for people to "begin the healing process by journaling, exploring emotions [and] posting artwork," and promotes itself as "a safe place separate from politics, labels and debate." Considering that I found the press release at Catholic Online, I don't buy that. I recognize that the woman who started this did so after her own abortion, in response to the lack of a relevant grief community, but this whole thing is already being used by third parties on both sides to manipulate complex and uncomfortable emotions for very specific political ends.

—Posted by David Kiefaber