Abe Lincoln Look-Alike Sweats Skittles in Latest Oddball Spot

Doomed run on a treadmill

Skittles's fascination with poorly functioning anatomy continues in this latest commercial from DDB Chicago, in which a man—who looks quite a bit like Abraham Lincoln—sweats Skittles as he runs on a treadmill. Meanwhile, a younger guy all but drives the guy to exhaustion, so he can collect the free candy. DDB, which took over the Skittles account from TBWA last year, has focused a lot on weird body stuff like this—one kid had Skittle pox, while another had the candies shooting out of his ears. This is, so to speak, in the brand DNA—the old TBWA spots included one with a man being milked like a cow; another with a guy who has a beard that moves on its own; and a third in which a boy has a Skittles tree growing out of his stomach. Check out 18 of the old spots here. Credits below.