‘ABC’s of Death’ Contest Brought to You by the Letter ‘T’

Drafthouse Films seeks 26th director for horror anthology

Drafthouse Films is working on a fun little anthology film called The ABC's of Death, in which 26 directors will contribute segments about death, with each of them assigned a different letter of the alphabet. (Each director will choose a word starting with his or her letter to build their story around.) They already have 25 directors on board, and there's a global contest to pick the 26th, who will be assigned the letter T (and win a measly $5,000). To promote the contest, they've created a nice trailer of condensed gore set to classical music that should intrigue the more horrorshow among us to head over to 26th.theabcsofdeath.com and check out their macabre masterpieces. They say the trailer is not safe for work, but what are the chances your co-worker will look over during the two seconds of bedroom romping, or at the guy who clearly just got his dick lopped off. Voting will remain open until Oct. 31. You know, in time for JesusWeen.