AARP sways its hips creakily to the music

Wrinkly baby boomers, who tend to believe that they basically invented music in the 1960s, may soon have their very own official soundtrack to go with their subscriptions to geezerJock magazine. AdFreak cousin Billboard reports that DMI Music & Media Solutions has been hired to develop AARP’s “first fully integrated music branding strategy.” Basically, this means having DMI weave music into all of AARP’s communications, as well as create and implement an “audio footprint” for AARP CDs, ad campaigns, promotions, events, etc. In its three-year plan for AARP, DMI is also considering a traveling musical revue, a music festival, a birthday CD for those turning 50 and a music microsite at that would be like “a MySpace for boomers.” No doubt Paul McCartney will get annoyingly involved at some point.

—Posted by Tim Nudd