A Moose Bumper Sticker Seeks Answers to Mighty Pressing Questions in Geico’s New Ad

'What's a sticker?!'

Jeff the moose, a confused decal slapped on an RV bumper, takes a comically existential star turn in this new Geico commercial.

Part of a mildly meta series of spots from The Martin Agency, the 30-second treatise invites viewers to “Take a Closer Look” at what Geico has to offer:

Yeah, that was deep. Very deep. Indeed, what is an RV, or a bumper sticker, really? Do any of us truly know? (That wise-guy wolf has all the answers!)

“For this particular spot, we wanted to reinforce that Geico insures RVs. And nothing says a well-travelled RV like road-stop gift-store stickers,” agency senior copywriter Ken Marcus tells Adweek. “There’s a lot more to Geico than just car insurance. We really wanted folks to investigate further on their own, as well as carry on the quirky humor of the brand.”

As it turns out, the team had plenty of downtime for philosophical contemplation while making the ad.

“This was actually a pretty boring shoot—shooting a lot of plates of the back of an RV with different stickers and such, hardly a thrill a minute,” says Marcus. “Account service was smart enough to bring poker chips. I believe I won our Hold ‘Em tournament. Oh, and we saw an injured bear on the side of the road on the way to set. So we called the park ranger. Who says advertising doesn’t make a difference?”

But does it make a difference, really?

You can probe into a couple more “Take a Closer Look” spots below:

Client: Geico
Agency: The Martin Agency
Director: Benjamin Weinstein
Production Co.: Tool