A Miniature KFC Opened in Portland, Serving Tiny $5 Fill Up Boxes

W+K gets into the mini food craze

Headshot of Tim Nudd

UPDATE: Here’s a recap video from Wieden + Kennedy:

Original story below.

KFC was thinking small on Saturday, opening a miniature KFC for one day only in Portland, Ore., and actually serving $5 Fill Up Boxes (that probably wouldn’t fill you up, but were free of charge), at one-twelfth their normal size.

The chain also released the video below, showing how to make tiny fried chicken—similar to other tiny-food vids that have become popular in recent years.

The Oregonian turned up at the location on NW 23rd Avenue and took the video below, showing customers getting their orders. KFC agency Wieden + Kennedy also posted an Instagram story showing off the location.

“We’re always considering new ways to use innovation and technology to do out-of-the-box things that have become ‘on brand’ for us,” George Felix, KFC U.S. director of advertising, told The Daily Meal. “The mini foods video is a sharable way to show how our famous Original Recipe fried chicken is prepared the hard (and mini) way. To bring it to life and make it authentic, we decided to open the world’s smallest KFC, offering up a unique experience for fans.”

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.