A Glam Hostel Gets Put to the Test When Mariah Carey Is Accidentally Booked

Hostelworld and the star diva both poke fun at themselves

Can Hostelworld turn Mariah Carey's accidental booking into a diva-worthy stay? Hostelworld

If the ultimate in ’90s divas deems a hostel a solid choice, then it’s got to be good for us mere mortals, right?

In a ridiculous but rather funny spot for Hostelworld, a shiny black limo pulls up to the chain’s Barcelona location, depositing no one less than Mariah Carey, with an entourage and a pile of Louis Vuitton luggage in tow. Her assistant booked it as a mistake (“I need a beautifully appointed private room in a hotel!”) but Mariah and company make lemons out of lemonade.

It’s perfectly self-deprecating, and a highlight includes Mariah singing “Fantasy” in the hostel bar while assistants point oscillating fans in her direction. And it’s clearly a hit with viewers, generating 2.6 million views on Carey’s Facebook page and comments like, “OMFG, queen of the working class!”

No one’s buying that Mariah’s bunking with European backpackers and topless tooth-brushers, but clearly that’s part of the charm.

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Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.