A Dog Takes Its Owner for a Sleepwalk in This Stylishly Dreamy Ad for Pajamas

Niki & The Dove get the Nufferton treatment

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog actually does to you while you’re sleeping, Swedish sleepwear brand Nufferton has a theory. And you might not like it.

A new ad, shot in the style of a music video, shows a young woman, hot off a phone argument with her ex, falling asleep in the marketer’s product. Her opportunistic pooch seems to know she’s a sleepwalker, and proceeds to lead her around on a tour of Stockholm.

She doesn’t realize she’s traipsing around the city, though, splashing through puddles and rolling in the grass. Instead, she’s lost in a dream about a romantic tropical getaway with her former lover. Presumably because her Nufferton pajamas are just that comfy.

Set to the song “Coconut Kisses” by Swedish duo Niki & The Dove, the clip relies heavily on the track’s electro-island vibe to set the tone for cuts between the urban scenery—with skyscrapers, bright lights and honking cars—and the dream world’s rainforest and beach. Created by agency Golf, and directed by Rodrigo Saavedra, it’s a pleasant little trip, including tidbits like a park where dogs apparently convene in the middle of the night, with their somnambulant humans in tow.

“I wanted to tell a story that was both beautiful and funny, aesthetically striking but also silly, the idea of dogs taking advantage of their owners sleepwalking condition to go for a long midnight stroll felt very charming to me,” says Saavedra, who worked with production companies The Directors Bureau and Landia on the spot.

The baseline conceit can’t but evoke vague overtones of 2016’s The Secret Life of Pets, though that titular idea is certainly taken in a much different direction here. There’s also a little bit of friction in the idea that Nufferton might be a brand for people who suffer from sleepwalking—not a condition that feels synonymous with restfulness. Then again, if it can help them sleep through anything, imagine what it can do for you.

Besides, for a fashion ad, it’s fairly alert.


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