A DJ Turned the Sounds of a New Singapore-Seattle Flight Into a Surprisingly Catchy Song

Chong the Nomad used an Airbus A350 and in-flight noises as her instruments

Seattle-based DJ Chong the Nomad used every piece of the airline as a potential instrument for her track. TBWA\Singapore
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Those who travel frequently might not think of an international flight as an audibly enjoyable experience, what with all the engine noise, crackling announcements and disgruntled toddlers.

But Singapore Airlines just proved there’s a lot of musical potential hidden in the body of an Airbus A350 and in the ambient sounds of a lengthy flight.

To promote its first nonstop flight from Singapore to Seattle, the airline partnered with DJ Chong the Nomad to create a song using only sounds from inside and out of the airplane. Developed by creative agency TBWA\Singapore, the project resulted in “Non-stop,” a 2:36 track now available on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Here’s a video about the process behind the song:

And here’s the final track, which manages to convey its source material while still creating something that’s new, upbeat and catchy:

Using everything from the cockpit controls and massive tires to the flight attendant’s announcements and seat belt fastener, Chong (Alda Agustiano) mixed a total of 45 different sound components at her Seattle studio to produce “Non-stop.”

She was specifically sought out by the airline’s marketing team thanks to her skill at turning everyday objects into surprising sources of music. Her song is a central piece of a campaign, created to promote the new trans-Pacific flight, called “Seattle Sounds Even Better Now.”

Campaign: Seattle Sounds Even Better Now
Client: Singapore Airlines
Agency: TBWA\ Singapore

Brand Management
Group Brand Director: Char-Maine Tan
Brand Director: Nastasha Gotangco
Brand Manager: Justine Chng
Project Manager: Nash Tan

Creative Director: Greg Wood
Senior Art Director: Robert Nelk
Senior Copywriter: Mark Peeters
Production Artist / Music Producer: Chong the Nomad
Artist Manager: Austin Santiago
Production House: Brian Photoh
Director: Brian Oh
Executive Producers: Haydn Evans (SixToes) / Sariyanti Sannie (SixToes)
Producers: Una Yoon (SixToes) / Brian Oh (Brian Photoh)
Postproduction: Brian Photoh

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