9 Ads That Could Spank the Competition in Pornhub’s Amateur Advertising Contest (SFW)

A few strokes of genius

Headshot of Alfred Maskeroni

"Do you have what it takes to be the Creative Director of the world's No. 1 adult website?"

That's the ballsy challenge from Pornhub, which recently launched a contest to create work-safe ads for the adult video site. 

"Traditionally, porn has been a taboo subject—but the fact is, over 35 million people visit Pornhub.com every day," notes the challenge's creative brief. "How do we reach the next 35 million? We need a national advertising campaign that can be channeled through mainstream media."

All entries must be "G-rated" and safe for work, although the results so far have been so drenched in innuendo that they probably don't qualify as either, as bros around the world let their creative juices flow.

Check out the full gallery on the contest's (SFW) Tumblr page, or just browse some of the more interesting submissions below. It's going to be hard, but a few seem like they could go all the way.


—Bus stops are so hot right now.

—This looks hot. Like, fire hazard hot.

—Appealing to the thrifty pervert. 


—OK, this one's actually pretty good.

—CBS sitcoms have been based on less.

—Aww, these guys.


—The best secret cave in The Legend of Zelda.


Clever use of shape and color.


—This is probably the smartest entry of the lot. Maybe too smart.

@maskeroni alfred.maskeroni@adweek.com Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.