’80s Sitcom ‘Perfect Strangers’ Even Better as an Advergame

Join Balki and chase your dream

Jason Oda of JODA, the man behind many of your favorite advergames and classic game parodies for brands, has conceived of the perfect way to advertise himself—by taking one of the hokiest shows of all time and proving he can even turn a pile of contrived sitcom nonsense into a totally fun game. That’s right, he’s turned the 80’s classic TV show Perfect Strangers into a perfectly hilarious game. In it, you literally chase your dream, guiding Balki along as he collects stars to the tune of the show’s popular theme song. While the creator claims in Time’s write-up that he made the game to inspire people to follow their dreams, completing it leads you to a more telling call to action: “Please forward this game to your favorite digital media director.” If you do, I’m sure Oda will be doing the Dance of Joy.