50 Cent Takes You ‘In Da Hostel’ for MTV Cribs-Style Tour in Amusing Ad for Hostelworld

These are some lux digs

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Hostels are a great option for young travelers on a budget. But who really wants to share a room with a sketchy girl who sleepwalks and a guy who smells like he bathes in aftershave that smells like dog sweat?

There are definitely drawback to the shared-living style. But online hostel booking company Hostelworld wants to show young people that staying in a hostel can actually be a really cool experience.

Even 50 Cent thinks so. And if it's cool with Fiddy, it should be cool with you. 

In the three-minute spot below by London agency Lucky Generals, 50 Cent takes viewers on a MTV Cribs-style tour of a Barcelona hostel, pointing out all the key features along the way, from the lobby to the bedroom.

Fiddy is the perfect spokesman for the parody ad, which is part of the brand's larger "Meet the World" campaign. Seems that in the wake of his bankruptcy problems, the rapper has found a way to live a luxurious life without dropping too much cash. 

"50 Cent is used to living in the lap of luxury, so who better to communicate the simple fact that modern hostels have changed beyond belief over the years, than 50 himself," Danny Brooke-Taylor, founder of Lucky Generals, said in a statement. 

Inside, Fiddy gives you a special look at the hostel's lounge/bar area, which features all the important amenities world travelers look for in a hostel, including "dope-ass books" and "other shiz." From there you've got your private lockers and bunk beds inside the rooms, topped with great views and the best feature of all, high-quality glass!

The spot wraps up perfectly with 50 Cent ending up "In Da Club," aka the hostel bar. 


Brand: Hostelworld

Agency: Lucky Generals

Project Name: In Da Hostel With 50 Cent

Director: Barry Bangs

Production Company: Smuggler

Editing House/Editor: tenthree / Quin Williams 

Postproduction: Absolute Post

Audio Postproduction: Grand Central / Munzie Thind

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