A 5-Year-Old's First Impressions of Brand Logos

Designer Adam Ladd puts his daughter on the spot

Can I review advertising better than a 5-year-old? AdFreak commenters and my performance evaluations have been saying no for years. And after listening to these pithy appraisals of famous logos by the 5-year-old daughter of Cincinnati-based designer Adam Ladd, I'm tempted to agree. The tyke slashes through the clutter with awesomely cute, hyper-literal bon mots that reveal how early some commercial marks—and brand identities—take hold in the collective consciousness. She instantly identifies the Starbucks siren as "the coffee logo," and says no more. Indeed, what else is there to say? She similarly pegs a certain silvery orb as "the Apple Store logo." She's only 5, yet she already recognizes the brand and knows it has retail outlets. Somewhere, Steve Jobs must be smiling. She notes that Bank of America's mark "looks like the American flag," an image the bailed-out institution would do well to keep in mind the next time it feels like raising ATM fees. She calls NBC's peacock a "turkey," which may not be technically correct but nicely describes much of the network's programming. As for McDonald's: "It's an 'M' made out of fries." Hmm, let me take a closer look—OMG, she's right! The rookie's inspired me to raise my game, and I'm rededicating myself to being the very best ad reviewer possible. I'll get started right after my nap. Via Brand New.