This 5-Year-Old Agency Just Did a Photo Shoot Imagining Its 50th Birthday in 2061

Happy Medium gets a 45-year head start

Some agencies are scared of the future. Happy Medium can't wait to get there already.

The Des Moines, Iowa, shop is celebrating its fifth birthday this year, but wasn't satisfied with that. Instead, the agency is fast-forwarding 45 more years and imagining what things will look like on its 50th birthday. That meant doing a whole futuristic photo shoot and video, as well as a BuzzFeed-style quiz about what tomorrow might bring.

However else the agency business might evolve between now and 2061, it looks like office attire and makeup will soon be quite a lot more colorful. (Sorry, plain-T-shirt-wearing creatives—you'll have to spice things up a bit.)

Here's the photo of agency founder and CEO Katie Patterson:

"With our fifth anniversary on the horizon, I began to think about how far Happy Medium has come and what the future will look like based on the achievements thus far," Patterson tells AdFreak. "We have grown from an agency of one, focusing on media buying, to today spanning across digital, creative, design, social media, public relations, advertising, UX and SEO, as well as creating our own products. I knew I wanted to celebrate that growth in a big way, and as we as a company reflected back, it was only natural to look to what's ahead, and our Fast Forward campaign was born."

Patterson worked with the agency's leadership team and creative director on the concept. "Each team member was allowed to pick their own look entirely, from clothing and accessories to hair and makeup, with help and input from a stylist who developed an inspiration board," she says. "As a group of creatives, it was fun to see the variances across each employee and how the individual personalities shined, even looking ahead to the unknown."

Check out more photos below, and start thinking about how your agency can prepare for 2061. Those 45 years will go by in a flash.


Account Coordinator Andrew Rubenbauer


Account Coordinator Jill Patterson


Account Director Kristen Walker


Art Director Doug Choi


Communications Director Alison Monaghan


Creative Director Nick Renkoski


Executive Assistant Sydney Pickett


Media Coordinator Nicki Mittelbrun


Media Director Julie Welch


Office Manager Lauren Reuland


Senior Product Engineer Kodie Grantham


Social Media Strategist Grace Wenzel


Social Media Strategist Tabitha Jamerson


Visual Designer Sarah Fisch


The agency team 

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