5 Videos You Should Watch Before the World Ends Tomorrow

So, it's down to the wire—only a few hours left until Judgment Day tomorrow, when you will almost certainly be skinned and roasted for your accumulated sins over the years. Luckily, you still have time to watch a little YouTube. Here are some choice clips you might consider, from the practical to the rapturous.

  1. Family Radio

    This is the group that's predicting all hell to break loose. Their ad won't win anything at Cannes (not that there will be another Cannes), but it will do well at the great Effies in the sky.

  2. Johnny Cash

    Great apocalyptic song from the Man in Black, much of it directly quoting the Book of Revelation. Start trimming those wicks, virgins!

  3. R.E.M.

    A little more poppy than the Cash. A classic end-times ditty.

  4. The Back Up

    You'll want to protect yourself in case of mass hysteria and/or zombie involvement. A bedside gun rack is the answer.

  5. Second Coming: Your Questions Answered!

    Educational, and with a beat you can dance to. Good luck tomorrow!