5 Great Shark Ads in Honor of Shark Week

It's still not safe to get back in the water

You could argue that advertising is what's given sharks their wretched reputation, or at least perpetuated it. Ad agencies have never met a shark who isn't a bloodthirsty villain. But that's what makes the spots entertaining. Below, in celebration of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, check out five cool shark commercials that will make you think twice about getting back in the water—or into market research for candy bars, for that matter.

  1. Discovery Channel

    We'll start off with this year's official Shark Week promo, themed "Show me your teeth." Some great toothy action shots in there. Also check out the companion videos: Andy Samberg, Chief Shark Officer 2011

  2. Gillette

    Sharks can sense a drop of blood from a quarter of a mile away. So, if you ever find yourself shaving beneath the surface in shark-infested waters, make sure you're using a Gillette ProGlide razor. Agency: BBDO, New York.

  3. John West Tuna

    Great white sharks love to leap out of the water. This British commercial explained why: They're jumping for John West tuna on crackers! Agency: Leo Burnett, London.

  4. Nicorette

    When you're trying to quit, nothing can take your mind off smoking. Not even a huge shark chomping on your arm. Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York.

  5. Snickers

    The world's fishiest focus group. These sharks know what they like—and it's humans who've just eaten Snickers Peanut Butter Squares. Eat both squares, please. Agency: BBDO, New York.