5 Great Google Commercials to Watch on Its 14th Birthday

Chrome ads, a product demo, and its classic Super Bowl spot

You may have seen the cake and candles on Google.com today. That's because it's the company's birthday. Google turns 14 today, and everything about the company—including its advertising—has grown up a lot in that time. Quite remarkably, the company, which grew into a giant thanks to some of the most uncreative advertising imaginable—the text ads next to search results—has managed to become one of the world's great creative advertisers. To mark Google's birthday, Unruly Media has put together a nice list of the most-viral Google videos ever. It includes a lot of product demos, which aren't really ads—and thanks to its fondness for April Fools' Day, it features plenty of hoax videos, too. We figured we'd keep it simple and pick out five of our favorite spots from the list. Three are from the celebrated Chrome campaign, one is a product demo, and one is Google's Super Bowl spot from 2010. All are pretty special. See the gallery at the link below:

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