5 car spots that sputtered at the Super Bowl


Before the nachos had even gone soggy at our Super Bowl party, AdFreak had declared 2011 "the Year of the Car." Volkswagen created the highest-ranked auto ad in Super Bowl history with "The Force," according to USA Today. Audi deserves high marks for its tremendously enjoyable "Release the Hounds." And Chrysler's Eminem spot earned raves from many viewers. But automakers also rolled out some of the most baffling and disliked spots of the night, highlighting the fact that some brands simply don't know what to do with their money and 30 seconds. After the jump, we recap five Super Bowl auto spots that missed the mark.

The five worst auto ads of Super Bowl XLV:

1. Hyundai, "Hypnotize"

Here it is. The lowest-ranked ad of the Super Bowl, according to USA Today's Ad Meter. And its companion spot, "Deprogramming," came in second-to-last. I guess people just don't like hypnotic, bleak, discomfiting ads that practically punish you for watching them. Who knew?

2. BMW, "Defying Logic"

This ad hurts every part of my brain, even the bits that haven't been used since our species hunted mammoths for sport. This isn't a video made to sell cars. It's a video made to punish violent criminals in A Clockwork Orange.

3. Chevy Cruze, "Status"

The general opinion of Chevy's audio Facebook notification feature is best summed up in one YouTube comment posted shortly after the game: "I don't even have to go home to stalk you now… I'll just get in my car."

4. Mercedes-Benz, "Welcome"

I've done some marketing work for Mercedes before, and I'm usually a big fan of their TV spots. But this ad just seemed to fall flat, mostly thanks to an underwhelming payoff and irrelevant casting. Something about seeing Diddy in a Super Bowl spot just felt very 2008.

5. Mini, "Cram it in the Boot"

Have to say, I thought the masses would love this one. Not-so-subtle gay jokes and butt humor seem like easy paths into the hearts and minds of middle America. But strangely, while similar gags scored well, Mini plummeted to the bottom of USA Today's Ad Meter, wallowing with the likes of Adrien Brody for Stella. Maybe next year, Mini.

So, what were your big disappointments of the night? Let us know in the comments.