A 360 Video of Guys Rapping Inside the Jack in the Box Mascot’s Head Is Not What I Needed Right Now

Weird week gets weirder

As we begin our plunge into the vortex of a Trump presidency, we'll have to adjust our operational definitions of terms like "weird" and "nonsensical," and this 360-degree Jack In the Box ad for its new "Brunchfast" menu is a good place to start.

Brunchfast, by the way, just means an all-day breakfast menu (the Brunch Burger is a hybrid item), and "brunch" is already a word for what they're doing here, so they're minus one for redundancy right off the bat. As for the video, it's a 360 experience—produced by VR Playhouse—in which Bart Baker, Josh Elkin and Daym Drops extol the virtues of Brunchfast from inside the Jack In the Box mascot's head.

At least, I think that's what's happening here.

As grateful as I was not to be confronted by their perverted snowman mascot on a day like today, this video feels like a series of missteps taken by people who just found out about the Gregory Brothers. Plus, AutoTune sucks, and no one cares enough about brunch, much less Brunchfast, to listen to three random dweebs rap about it for nearly two minutes.

I will take one of those Brunch Burgers, though, please and thank you.