3 days to kickoff: Truckers target Coke ad

Super_bowl_xl_logo_3The latest Super Bowl XL news: The American Trucking Association is asking Coke not to air a Super Bowl spot that shows a large truck carrying Coke’s Full Throttle energy drink forcing a car off the road. It’s reminiscent of the complaints about Monster’s spot a few years ago that showed a driverless 18-wheeler careening off the road. (CNN/Money) In terms of each city’s image, Seattle vs. Pittsburgh is shaping up as a battle between brains and brawn, between computer nerds and steel workers. (Reuters) Stuart Elliott weighs in on the reposting of Super Bowl spots online after the game. (The New York Times) One startup company’s Super gamble. (The Tampa Tribune) More on “ambush marketing”—companies that are going after aggressive Super Bowl tie-ins while avoiding trademark infringement. (USA Today) The Seahawks are world champions—of Madden NFL ’06. (Detroit Free Press) Does anyone care what the New York Giants are feeling right now? Of course, one lame New York sportswriter does. (New York Daily News)Weigh in on whether Super Bowl ads are overpriced, screen six new ads that will run on the big game, or four golden oldies. (America

—Posted by Tim Nudd