3-D without the glasses looks a little painful


3-D without the silly glasses! It's been one of mankind's great impossible dreams, on par with blade-less razors and lawnmowers that mix martinis. And judging from this video, it likely remains beyond our grasp. In the clip (which is cruising toward 4 million views in two dimensions on YouTube), our narrator, "Francois," affixes small techno-doohickeys to each side of his forehead, works a couple of remote controls and then starts blinking so furiously, I almost got a seizure watching him. Is this technological breakthrough—which we're told only works on 120HZ monitors and debuts at CES 2012—a fake? Hell, Frenchie's accent and facial hair don't even seem real. Still, the guy is a skinny geek, and such types usually drive innovation—so who knows, maybe this seemingly ludicrous invention really works. (And the clip's pretty amusing, so we can rule it out as a teaser from Funny or Die.) Even if the 3-D claim falls flat, such a system might still have its uses. You'd blink so much, you'd miss half the content and commercials, improving each immensely.