2010: a bear of a year for big furry ad beasts

Sure, it's been a huge year in ads for monkeys and apes. But, lacking a segue of any sort, let me just point out that bears have enjoyed their share of the spotlight in 2010, poking their snouts into a wide range of wacky commercials. Check out our roundup after the jump.


1) Boston Bruins

The team-spirited terror returns to punish a chubby fan who shows disrespect by smearing condiments on his Bruins jersey. The bear then turns a high-pressure hose on the miscreant. This makes me question the critter's true allegiance, as most hosers root for the Habs.


2) Old Spice

Second-stringer Ray Lewis replaced hall-of-fame pitchman Isaiah Mustafa. That was bad enough. But the addition of a talking bear made it painful. Thankfully, both Lewis and the shaggy sidekick now appear to be benched. If they resurface during—oh, I dunno—the Super Bowl, it will be everybody's loss.


3) Nissan

Polar bear travels far and wide to hug folks for buying the electric Nissan Leaf. It's too stupid to appreciate the harm all those gas-powered Nissan car purchases have wrought. Rush Limbaugh is too stupid to comprehend the spot's true meaning and runs terrified into the night seeking comfort from pain killers or a shotgun-toting Sarah Palin.


4) McDonald's

Family-values bear gets addicted to corporate fast food. Presumably more to Limbaugh's liking.


5) Bird's Eye

Willem Dafoe's edgy voiceover makes this polar bear freezer puppet's patter icily menacing. His near-psycho shilling of peas and fish sticks suggests a not-so-secret desire for families to choke on the stuff.


6) Tipp-Ex

This Subservient-Chicken-style online push for a correction-fluid product lets users make a hunter and bear do virtually anything. Of course, bears of a sort are readily available on the Internet for fun and games. But that's a different beast entirely.


7) Panda Cheese

Pandas technically aren't members of the bear family. But seeing as this destructive furry freak gets as angry as one with scant provocation, I'm not going to be the one to tell him.