With 2000 dead, an anti-war ad debuts

Truth1The grim milestone, reached this week, of 2,000 American troops killed so far in the Iraq war has triggered an ad campaign from a veterans’ group that is now calling for an exit strategy. Operation Truth’s national TV spot shows flag-draped coffins with solemn music and a voiceover that says: “They made the ultimate sacrifice. But how many more will die? With 2,000 American troops dead, and more dying every day, we desperately need a change of course in Iraq, and an exit strategy that honors their sacrifice. Because Mr. President, there has to be a better way to bring our troops home.” The ad, which you can stream here, will run for six days on CNN and Fox News, according to the group, a nonpartisan organization that created the spot from the soldier’s point of view. The new ad represents the most aggressive challenge to the basis of the war from the organization. “The debate about the war is made up of false choices in the country today,” said Paul Rieckhoff, an Iraq war veteran and executive director of Operation Truth. “Staying the course is not an option, nor is an immediate pullout. It’s time to support our troops by finally listening to them and giving them what they have been asking for—a clear mission and the tools they need to achieve it.”

—Posted by Richard Williamson