The 20 Best-Smelling Old Spice Commercials Ever

From Bruce to Isaiah, the brand's greatest viral hits

Wieden + Kennedy's Old Spice campaign offers an embarrassment of riches. Isaiah Mustafa filmed 186 videos in just three days in July 2010, as part of his personalized "responses" campaign, to go along with his many official commercials. Of course, there's also been the Terry Crews stuff, along with lots of other mini campaigns. (The most recent one, "Believe in your smellf," for Old Spice Champion, with a cameo by Heather Graham, broke yesterday.) To give some sense of the most popular Old Spice ads of all time, Unruly Media put together a chart ranking those that have been shared most over time. We've posted the top 20 below. It's nice to see Bruce Campbell sneak in at No. 19 with one of his two spots from 2007. (The other one is pretty good, too.) There's lots of Isaiah and lots of Terry. The list should have you whistling happily for the rest of the day.