2 Years and 50,000 Shingles Later, This Man Has Created a Lovely Wooden Beetle

A labor of love and oak

All those nerds who hot-glue gears onto stuff and call it steampunk have been outdone by a retiree in Bosnia.

Momir Bojic has put his free time to good use by detailing his Volkswagen Beetle in tiny wood shingles. (Would that make his Bug a Volkswagen Termite?) Anyway, the entire frame of the car and most of the interior are sheathed in 50,000 hand-cut wood pieces, a process that took Bojic more than two years to complete.

Check out a photo gallery of the finished product here.

Given the attention to detail on a project of this (literal) scale, I'm surprised it didn't take him longer than that. The lattice work over the headlights alone is incredible, not to mention the hubcaps. The car's still roadworthy, too, but that's not as surprising as some might think. I mean, if the Baltimore Rock Opera Society's art car is highway-safe, then Bojic's got nothing to worry about.