2 days to kickoff: Can they play the damn game already?

Super_bowl_xl_logo_white_2Super Bowl hype is exhausting us now, but we’ll continue to give you the latest SB news, until our fingers fall off because we love all of you that much. Another Super Bowl-themed story about a Detroit renaissance. Any coincidence that this story is on the ABC News Web site? (ABC News)On the other hand, maybe reports of Detroit’s renaissance are premature, again. (PR Newswire) "A newbie’s guide to watching Super Bowl XL—ads and all." Are there really any newbies left? (Seattle Times)  ABC will spend its last NFL broadcast after 36 years without a nostalgic look back on "Dandy" Don Meredith. Maybe there is a god. (Slam! Sports)   GoDaddy ad gets approved. Blah. (Bobparsons.com)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor