16 Humiliating Twitter Brand Fails in One Painfully Hilarious Chart

Do not be this stupid

Twitter is a brilliant place for brands to connect with consumers. It's also a brilliant place—unparalleled, perhaps—for brands to absolutely humiliate themselves with idiotic posts. The infographic below collects 16 of the most notorious Twitter brand fails. You'll recognize many of them, but there are a few gems that have largely gone unnoticed. Who knew, for example, that Vodafone U.K. was, at one point, "fed up of dirty homo's and is going after beaver"? You can't make this stuff up. There are a few stupidly quirky tweets—as opposed to blatantly offensive ones—thrown in for good measure. ("If bleach could talk, what would it say?" Clorox asks dumbly, for example.) Others are more obscure. (The Tesco tweet caused a stir because of the horsemeat scandal that ensnared the British supermarket chain. And the NRA tweet went out hours after the movie-theater shooting in Colorado last summer.) There's no other lesson here than don't be stupid, but apparently it's a lesson that bears repeating. Via Social Commerce Today.