150 Reasons to Mourn Target and Wieden + Kennedy’s Split

A trove of great 15-second spots

Target's unexpected split with Wieden + Kennedy ends one of the most fruitful creative advertising partnerships of recent years. The pair produced a seemingly endless string of wonderful slice-of-life spots. In particular, they used the 15-second format to great effect—so they could tell more stories and have each one elegantly focused on a single product. In an August interview with Adweek, Will Setliff, Target's vp of marketing, said of the 15-second campaign: "What's beautiful about this work is that it takes a lot of the humanity that's within the brand and expresses it through the situations our customers are in. So, it is playful, it is joyful, it is surprising, it is at times delightful, and sometimes it's just really funny. Those are the things that emotionally align with our brand." But Setliff added, perhaps with a bit of foreshadowing, that in his career he had learned to "leave really good work before it's time to leave," so that the advertising never goes downhill. In the end, W+K did almost 150 of those 15-second set pieces between May 2010 and December 2011. Of those, you can see the 24 most recent below, and the other 125 here. Oh, and the split also likely means the end of the Christmas Champ. So, shed a tear for that crazy lady, too.

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