12 Women Replied to Man’s Horrifying Full-Page Ad Seeking Wife for 48-Year-Old Son

And the son now plans to play along

Hey, remember Baron Brooks, the guy whose weirdo Republican dad made an "I need a wife ad" for him without his permission? Well, the plot weirdens. 

Turns out that Baron's dad Arthur made good on his word and showed up in the Idaho town of Coeur d'Alene (where the now-infamous ad was placed in a local newspaper) to interview women who responded to his personals ad seeking a conservative, not-fat woman "ready, willing and able to have children as soon as possible." 

Arthur will interview 12 hopefuls in the coming weeks, which would have shocked us if the internet's effect on human vanity hadn't already deadened our souls.

Baron, meanwhile, is maybe not as embarrassed by this stunt as he's been claiming.

"I think maybe one of [the 12 women] was local, but almost all of them were from all over the United States, and even some international," the younger Brooks said, adding that while he totally doesn't need help finding dates at all, he'll play along with his dad's crazy scheme.

"I said if it's truly legitimate and wasn't some crackpot, and I got to see their photo first and I had an attraction, yeah, I would go through with it, just so feelings would not be hurt," Baron says.

Is anyone else getting a "plausible deniability" vibe from this guy?

See the original ad below.