12 Ordinary People Who Beat Major Brands to Their Own Twitter Handles

And they're not breaking any rules

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You know when you try to find a brand on Twitter, and you just assume the handle will be the brand name? Well, not so fast.

A surprising number of brand-name handles aren't run by the brands at all. They're run by real people who got there first. We've highlighted a few of them below. Since they're not otherwise posing as the brand, they are not subject to Twitter's trademark policy.

Though the brands surely aren't too happy about it.


1) @Chipotle

Name: Chip Clark

Bio: They have the Internet on computers, now? —Homer Simpson

Joined: March 2007

Brand account: @ChipotleTweets

Joined: May 2010

Meet Chip Clark, who judging by his bio, is more into the Simpsons than burrito bowls. But wait, he's done his share of Mexican cooking!


2) @Advil

Name: mama advil

Bio: terrible model & actor … NOT advil the medicine, it's my name

Joined April 2008

Brand account: @advilrelief

Joined: N/A

Here's "mama advil," who coincidentally shares his name with the popular headache relief medicine. Advil's hobbies include fashion and One Direction.


3) @Absolut

Name: Yvonne

Bio: Master procrastinator

Joined: March 2007

Brand account: @ABSOLUTvodka

Joined: April 2011

Toronto resident "Yvonne" likes to critique Canadian politics and Apple product announcements. According to her bio, Yvonne has perfected waiting until the last minute.


4) @Trident

Name: Ben T.

Bio: Things. That's what I do; and I'll keep doing it. I think you want to yell at @tridentgum next time, I'm just a person.

Joined March 2007

Brand account: @tridentgum

Joined July 2010

Here's "Ben T," who is persistent in his pursuit of doing things. In his spare time, Ben enjoys retweeting messages intended for the famous sugar-free gum but instead were sent to him, because he has the handle they probably wanted. He also enjoys tweeting about the weather and the music he listens to.


5) @Lego

Bio: Art Nerd, City Cyclist, Urban Crawler, Fun Finder

Joined November 2006

Brand account: @LEGO_Group 

Joined May 2011

"Lego" hasn't tweeted much, but when he does, he mostly tweets about bikes. His first tweet was:

He also enjoys dessert and women's fashion:


6) @Kraft

Name: Kraft

Bio: Just call me Kraft. Work at @Automattic/@Jetpack, husband of @LaLuped, father, & Catholic, doing the best to be good at all. (FYI- Not @KraftFoods)

Joined October 2007

Brand account: @kraftfoods

Joined September 2009

This guy is one of the more prolific of the pseudo-brand tweeters. He relishes in participating in banter referencing his namesake. In his spare time, he enjoys craft beer. GET IT?!


7) @Velveeta

Name: Richard Lindsey

Bio: Core Services Senior FEE Architect at The Advisory Board Company.

Joined July 2008

Brand account: @eatliquidgold

Joined April 2011

Richard Lindsey isn't just any old Core Services Senior FEE Architect. He's the proud owner of the cheesiest, meltiest Twitter handle. He really loves code, and tweets about it often.


8) @HoneyMaid

Name: Graham

Bio: Just some nerdy rugger queer gym dude with a beard in the desert. Also a #SecretGinger

Joined: August 2008

Brand Account: @honeymaidsnacks

Joined: N/A

Unlike most people with brand-name Twitter accounts, Graham is physically fit. Dude's feed is mostly about working out or flexing. According to his account, he's checked in at Gold's Gym at least 85 times.


9) @JohnnieWalker

Bio: N/A

Joined August 2008

Brand accounts: @JohnnieWalker_ , @JohnnieWalkerUS

Joined: N/A

And then there's "johnniewalker," a random Scottish man who lives in NYC. He once gave a TED talk about Scotland.


10) @JackDaniels

Name: Jack Daniels

Bio: Doré comme de l'alcool mais ce n'est pas de l'alcool, et c'est pour ça qu'il désaltère. A consommer sans modération (Google translation: "Gilded like alcohol but not alcohol, and that's why it quenches. To consume without moderation")

Joined: April 2007

Brand Account: @JackDaniels_US

Joined: September 2010

"Jack Daniels" tweets mostly in French, annoying Tennesseans everywhere. He enjoys tweeting inspirational quotes and cartoons. (Interestingly, @jackdaniel, which Jack Daniel's might also have coveted, is also run by a regular guy. He tweets mostly in Italian, though.)


11) @Triscuit

Name: triscuit

Bio: Despite the handle, not a cracker now available in a multitude of flavours. #Nabisco, please ask if you want to negotiate

Joined: March 2008

Brand Account: @TheRealTriscuit

Joined: March 2011

This isn't just your ordinary cracker, it's "triscuit." This little bird is trying to convince Nabisco to purchase the handle, but it seems to still be in the possession of the original owner. Note to owner: I am interested in this handle.


12) @HaagenDazs

Name: Daniel Hanold

Bio: Geeky New Yorker. Drupal Enthusiast. Mobile Titanium Developer. Electronic Music Fan. Framework Lover.

Joined: July 2007

Brand account: @HaagenDasz_US

Joined: June 2012

Finally, here is "Daniel Hanold," New York resident and proud owner of @HaagenDazs. He has more of a taste for Apple products than ice cream, though. His handle choice seems rather arbitrary.

@maskeroni alfred.maskeroni@adweek.com Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.