100 cats roam free in Ikea for new U.K. spot

Mother London released 100 cats in Ikea's Wembley, England, store to produce the retailer's latest ad, showing some cats enjoying the false comforts of their brief showroom home. The experiment, shown in the behind-the-scenes video below, is more interesting than the final ad, posted after the jump—which is just some cats in a store being cute. But I think they have a decent viral on their hands with the cat-umentary, given how the Internet loves cats beyond all sense and reason. The "Happy inside" effort is Mother's first for Ikea. According to Feh Tarty, creative director at Mother, "Cats know better than anything what makes them feel happy inside. They live their lives in pursuit of their own comfort." Which I guess means we'll be treated to a lot more cat executions, since everyone knows there's nothing better than cats, except more cats. Hat tip to all my Facebook friends who posted this simultaneously.