10 of our favorite TV spots featuring pirates

No. 10 — FreeCreditReport.com

The FreeCredit guy stoops to serving chowder and iced tea as a waiter at a pirate-themed restaurant.

No. 9 — Milky Way

Eating Milky Way Minis apparently transports you to a fantasy world where you fight sea battles against other pirates.

No. 8 — Sharpie

Another guy who feels humiliated in a pirate costume finds solace in a Sharpie retractable pen.

No. 7 — Mini

Why is this man driving a Mini through vegetation on a pirate ship?

No. 6 — Pittsburgh Pirates

Why not, let’s throw a Pittsburgh Pirates ad in here, too.

No. 5 — Pirate Insurance

Nothing builds trust for an insurance company quite like an animated talking pirate skull.

No. 4 — Treasure Depot

This local spot features perhaps the worst pirate acting ever captured on camera.

No. 3 — Cap’n Crunch

A classic vintage commercial from 1966.

No. 2 — Martin Fine Furniture

More painfully awesome local advertising. Engaging in a swordfight while sitting down is not encouraged.

No. 1 — FedEx

Easily the most convincing pirate of the bunch. Aarrrggh!