10 Most-Viral Guinness Ads Ever

Enjoy a pint with these classic spots for St. Patrick's Day

David Ogilvy once called Guinness ads "part of the warp and woof of English life." Today, 80 years after John Gilroy first sketched his pint-balancing toucan, Guinness advertising is a global phenomenon. To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Unruly Media has put together a chart of the 20 most-viral Guinness commercials of all time—i.e., the ones that have been shared the most online. We've posted the top 10 below. Clearly, this favors more recent spots—and in fact, the No. 1 spot is the hilarious sheepdog ad just released this year. But there are some other classics in here, including my personal favorite, "Surfer." Enjoy them all. Cheers!