10 Hilarious Posts From Advertising’s Funniest Instagrammer

The twisted comedy of David Kolbusz

You might think Instagram is all about photography. Not so, says David Kolbusz.

"Instagram is a writer's medium," the creative director declares at the top of his feed. And he makes a good case for that with his posts—a hodgepodge of everyday shots brought to life with hilariously twisted, ranty, profanity-laced captions. 

Kolbusz frequently tees off on society's ills, harboring a particular distaste for idiotic technological "advancements." (Recent recurring targets include selfie sticks and hoverboards.) But some of the best posts are almost like short stories, as Kolbusz invents a whole ludicrous backstory to the image presented. 

Check out a handful of our favorite posts below.

Kolbusz—a decorated creative who moved to Droga5 London recently as chief creative officer after stints at Wieden + Kennedy and BBH London (where he made the best ad of 2012 and appeared, in a pig's mask, on Adweek's cover)—declined to comment for this story.

But follow him on Instagram, and let his insane, inspired copy do the talking. 



Another year has drawn to a close and – like gazing into a latrine with morbid fascination at the filthy shit you've just done – it's time to take stock. The good news is the mistakes you've made will slide comfortably out of focus tonight as you imbibe a month's worth of toxins into your bloodstream under the guise of ringing in le nouvelle année. Me, I've always spent the night sober, getting my high from le frisson de l'aventure. Par example – 1967. I remember it like it was yesterday. Sidney Poitier and I took a plane to British Mauritius to ring in the new year. I'd just opened my first store on le Rive Gauche and Sidney was the toast of Hollywood! We landed not knowing a single soul, but did that stop us from making friends? Did it fuck. We hastily assembled a cast of locals to help us reenact a scene from his latest picture – 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' – in the Port Louis town square. Sid played his part from the film – a young black doctor brought home to meet his fiancee's racist white parents. I naturally assumed the role of his bride to be. Then we paid two tramps to play the Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy roles, hurling vicious invective at us (in the way only tramps can), disapproving of our mixed race union for two hours until the clock struck minuit. By quarter past the hour we'd received a standing ovation that kept the audience of the East African colony clapping their chapped hands together until their fingers bled. Point being, live every night like it's your last because most people die in their sleep. Happy 2016, you absolute sons of bitches. You have all my love. Signed, New Years Yves.

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Not since the selfie stick has a modern day "innovation" made me pray for a nuclear Iran to wipe us all off the face of the fucking earth like the Hoverboard. If this is the kind of shit we keep churning out…if this is progress…civilisation needs to end now because we reached our peak with biodegradable packaging and online porn. I mean look at this cunt with his too-large suit and blue canvas "kick-the-shit-out-of-me-at-recess" briefcase. Does he think he's going to wheel up to his 10am sales meeting and everyone's jaws are going to hit the fucking floor and they'll be like "we'll take all the boring, shitty annuities you're selling because your chosen method of transportation inspires confidence within us that you have the ability to know the future"? Like fuck. And here's the other thing. I don't know what shit-for-brains decided to call it a Hoverboard, but guess what – it has wheels. It doesn't even look like it's hovering unless you're watching it drive past at top speed and you have glaucoma.

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