10 Ads That Really Love America

Celebrate the Fourth of July with these super-patriotic spots

On the face of it, patriotism would seem to be an easy sell for American advertisers. In fact, it's not. Flag-waving spots can so easily come off as cheesy and/or opportunistic. It's rare to see a patriotic commercial that feels legitimately poignant—or at least not flagrantly exploitative. Plus, of course, there are the political implications. As Chrysler learned during this past Super Bowl, you can't love America without half of America questioning your motives. Still, as we get set to celebrate the Fourth of July, check out our gallery of partriotic spots—from the loud and boisterous to the quietly poignant to the hopelessly hokey and frighteningly jingoistic. To see the whole melting pot of ads, click here:

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.