Will Cheers Be Coming Back? And Other TV Reboot Questions

We talk to the stars of new TV shows, about old ones

From Roseanne (now The Conners) to Murphy Brown (now canceled), media networks continue to return to the well of old TV shows as they seek new hits. This Wednesday on ABC, Jimmy Kimmel and Norman Lear are producing a 90-minute special which brings together ’70s sitcoms All in the Family and The Jeffersons in front of a live audience. Woody Harrelson plays Archie Bunker, while Jamie Foxx plays George Jefferson. Classic game shows like Pyramid, Match Game and Card Sharks are also getting new life on prime-time TV. So, what other reboots would be entertaining for viewers and a fit for advertisers? In this video, we ask stars from NBC, ABC and The CW for their picks.