TV Upfronts Prove Their Value and Worth to the Industry for Another Year

Marketers who aren’t tuning in are missing out

Illustration of four people watching TV really close.
People keep predicting the end of TV, but the truth is that we're nowhere near it. Illustration: Trent Joaquin; Sources: Unsplash

As this $21 billion television upfront marketplace wraps up negotiations between the networks and media buyers, it may come as a surprise to some that the networks are commanding actual price and revenue increases, landing somewhere north of 8–9% in pricing for primetime, according to some reports. After all, TV’s death—or at least irrelevance as an ad medium—has been predicted for more than a decade now. Roadkill under the tires of the massive digital marketplace.

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@colinkinsella Colin Kinsella is CEO North America of Havas Media Group and a member of the Adweek Advisory Board.