How Angie Tribeca’s Marketing Perfectly Matched the Show’s Satirical Tone

Finally, a show about cops

For audiences growing weary of the tired genre of cop dramas, TBS has something new for you: a cop drama.

Or maybe not.

TBS's new series, Angie Tribeca, is full of the same old tired clichés. A lone-wolf detective who doesn't get along with others? Check. A hard-nosed police chief who's a little rough around the edges? Check. Sexual tension between male and female partners? Of course.

But such similarities to every procedural drama out there is exactly the point.

The series, from Steve and Nancy Carell, is send-up of the cop genre in the same vein as the old Leslie Nielsen TV show Police Squad! (and the Naked Gun film series it inspired). The only people who don't seem to know Angie Tribeca is a comedy are the characters on the show.

And that irreverent and satirical humor shines through in TBS's digital marketing campaign, too. Here are some examples from the campaign:

While Mr. Robot, Rachel Bloom and Amazon were the big TV winners at the Golden Globes, TBS dropped this promo that puts them all on notice for next year's awards:

In case you weren't aware, Rashida Jones is the star of Angie Tribeca, who is played by Rashida Jones.

Jere Burns plays Jones' hard-nosed boss, but we're more curious about how TBS was able to track down his fourth-grade teacher.

Nope, these ads don't remind us of any other show on TV:

Angie Tribeca, the first of seven new shows that will debut for the Turner-owned comedy network this year, kicks off Sunday with a 25-hour commercial-free (sorta) marathon. The "binge-a-thon" will feature two-minute looks at a live party hosted by Deon Cole, one of the actors on the show, all of which are sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts, Redd's Apple Ale and Intuit TurboTax.

The party will include appearances by other TBS stars with upcoming debuts on the network— including Samathana Bee (Full Frontal), Jason Jones (The Detour), Iliza Shlesinger (Separation Anxiety)—and cast members from Wrecked and Search Party.

After the marathon concludes Monday, TBS will debut the second season of Angie Tribeca in weekly installments beginning Jan. 25.