Teens Watch Netflix Over Other Streaming Services, Survey Finds

Cable and satellite TV fell furthest behind

Teens still watch Netflix over cable TV.Getty Images

A new study is out and results show … teens still enjoy a good Netflix and chill.

With an average age of 16, over 8,500 teens from 48 states were questioned for the 36th semi-annual Taking Stock With Teens survey from Piper Jaffray.

And though the survey showed a slight decrease in the amount of time teens spent watching videos on Netflix, they still opted for that streaming service over other platforms.

On average, teens spend 38 percent of their daily video consumption on Netflix, a decrease of one percentage point from the spring 2018 survey.

Still, it outpaced YouTube, which accounted for 33 percent of their daily video consumption, and even greater still yet than cable and satellite TV, which accounted for 16 percent.

Netflix also outranked other streaming services. Hulu accounted for 5 percent of the daily video consumption, Amazon Prime accounted for 3 percent and other streaming services made up another 5 percent.

Of all the services analyzed, cable and satellite TV lost the most ground, which were YouTube’s gains.

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