Tastemade Launches ‘Grown-Up’ Redesign That Shows an Ever-Evolving Nature

The digital food brand looks to differentiate from competitors

Tastemade launched a redesign today. Tastemade

Six years after Tastemade launched, the brand, which started in food and now covers travel as well as home, is getting a redesign.

COO Geraldine Martin-Coppola said that they’ve gone beyond being a food digital video platform, expanding “in terms of the size of categories that we can cover, [and also] in terms of formats and distribution.” She continued, “The new brand identity is meant to really reinforce that and give some consistency so the consumers can expect it and recognize it and reinforce the differentiation of the content and what we do.”

Tastemade has gone to lengths to become a prominent player in the crowded food video space that it shares with giant Tasty and numerous other magazine and TV brands. Tastemade has launched a number of series on YouTube TV and has secured partners like Disney, with which it will produce original content under a series called Disney Eats.

Among these competitors, Tastemade got 240 million views in September on Facebook and 69 million views on Instagram, according to Tubular Labs. The video analytics firm ranked it fifth in terms of cross-platform views among media brands in the food and drink space.

In first was Tasty, which got 523 million Facebook views in September.

Tastemade wanted the redesign, Martin-Coppola said, to be “timeless yet modern and sophisticated, but simple.”

“The idea is that it’s grown-up, like us,” she added.

The new branding replaces the previous simple logo, which was “Tastemade” scrawled in black. The new branding will include a logo of Tastemade in all capital letters and a new T design, in a “twisted active shape,” Martin-Coppola said, to represent that the brand is “always evolving.”

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