Shows Like Tiger King Are Providing the Much-Needed Escapism Everyone Needs

Brands should be self-aware enough to recognize that consumers need a distraction right now

A photo of Joe Exotic duplicated three times with orange with a tiger background
Given our lack of affirming real-world experiences, we need share-worthy moments even if they are trapped inside a screen. Netflix

A couple of weeks ago, as we were all acclimating to the strange new realities of daily life, something bizarre happened. A Netflix show that may have otherwise been a blip on the cultural radar entered our collective consciousness and became a phenomenon. I’m talking, of course, about Tiger King, the much-discussed docuseries that has captured the zeitgeist and put “Carole did it” on par with “Who killed Laura Palmer?”

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Laura Wasson is a creative director at Madwell and has been with the agency since 2013.