Journalists Respond After Sean Spicer Tells April Ryan to Stop Shaking Her Head

"Please stop shaking your head again" is a sentence that was actually spoken

Headshot of Corinne Grinapol

With the Trump administration, the phrase “another day, another press conference” takes on an entirely different meaning, one more akin to “what happened this time?” than to the mere reporting of what used to be an oft-banal proceeding.

This time, it began as White House correspondent and American Urban Radio Networks Washington bureau chief April Ryan asked a question about a White House image makeover as it continues its scandal-plagued early run.

“With all these investigations, questions of what is is, how does this administration try to revamp its image? Two and a half months in, you have this Yates story today,” said Ryan, referring to news that the administration tried to block Sally Yates, who had briefly served as acting attorney general before being fired early into the administration, from testifying as part of Congress’ investigation into the Trump campaign’s Russia links. She continued, “You have other things going on, you’ve got Russia, you got wire-tapping.”

“We don’t have that,” began press secretary Sean Spicer in his response, feeling the need to sprinkle into his defense of the administration an admonition for Ryan to stop shaking her head. “Please stop shaking your head again,” is the phrase he used.

And as journos responded on Twitter, there were certainly some head shakes to be found there.

Some noted the symmetry between this morning’s Fox & Friends segment during which Bill O’Reilly insulted Rep. Maxine Waters’ hair and Spicer’s comments this afternoon.

Ryan’s own response: